Business Intelligence

Patient Summary Dashboard

The Patient Summary dashboard provides a snapshot view of current census and incoming patients, as well as scheduled and anticipated discharges across your enterprise.

This dashboard includes a visually intuitive snapshot of key performance metrics (KPIs) including admissions, discharges (by type), average length of stay, referral sources, census by location, program, and level of care.

Intuitive filters allow you to custom view data by location, date range, and more. Click in to any one graphical widget to drill down to detailed metrics for any one location or facility, all the way to the patient level. Custom filters by location, program, and date range makes Kipu BI an unparalleled and versatile decision making tool for your business.

Fast answers to complex questions with a single click. Kipu is proud to unveil our Business Intelligence technology, a breakthrough for facilities treating SUD, eating disorders, behavioral health and autism.

business intelligence

Analytics helps reduce operational costs, increase access, and improve care while creating a positive financial margin in an uncertain and changing health economy.

business intelligence


At a glance–with a single click–see the current percentage of patients in each location, displayed by program and level of care. Also displays a detailed breakdown of your current census.

KPI Census counts in each location are as expected. Displays current percentage of patients in each program/location as expected.

business intelligence

Top Referrers

Displays the current top ten referrers for patients in your current census, including the number for each. The more patients from a referrer, the more valuable partner they become for your facility.

KPI Which of your referral partners send you the most patients and detailed reporting on all referral activity.

The Discharged Patients screen displays the percentage of discharged patients along with each discharge type.
KPI Ensure the most patients are successfully completing treatment.

Experience the Competitive Advantage of Powerful Business Intelligence and Actionable Analytics.

Providing Precise Answers to Complex Questions

  • What is the ROI on your advertising?
  • Which campaigns delivered the best results?
  • How do you find critical data quickly?
  • Why are clients admitting or why they aren’t?
  • How can you increase admissions?

Kipu Can Help You

  • Achieve operational excellence
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase revenue referral